WBNERR Maintenance Building
Waquoit, MA

As funding for the Master Plan would take several years, it was decided that the Maintenance building, funded through a NOAA Grant and DCR, would be the first part to be completed. This building, reduced in size from the original programming, would move all maintenance functions, currently located in and around the Carriage House at the center of campus, to a location less visible and less likely to create congestion or impact visitors. The existing Carriage House could continue as classroom and laboratory program areas, and the newly vacated space may be converted into expanded new uses for Education, Research and Stewardship.
The new building located outside the main campus visitor area will consolidate all maintenance work into this structure and will provide adequate outdoor work areas for ongoing projects.

Completion: Summer 2013

35 Medford St.
Somerville, MA, 02143
T: 617.776.6545
F: 617.776.6678