Bridgewater Academy Building Reuse Study
Bridgewater, MA

This study included a programming review and reuse options for three important historic municipal buildings in Bridgewater’s town center: The Academy Building, Town Hall and The Memorial Building.  Each of the buildings houses different town offices and are in need of varying levels of repair. Tasked with determining if the Municipal’s departments could be consolidated within the historic Academy Building, originally built in 1799, HKT was able to outline current and potential future departmental programmatic needs, and propose an efficient, organized floor plan with exterior renovations.  The proposed design serves to improve town operations and management, provide universal access, and enhance the public’s interface with the town.  Through market analysis, the design team reviewed the viability of various tenants for the remaining two buildings, which helps support the Town’s overall goal of enlivening the Town Center during non-business hours.

Completion: 2012

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