Houghton's Pond Recreation Area Bath House
Milton, MA

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Resources (DCR) hired HKT to construct a new bathhouse and to provide universal access to the Houghton’s Pond Recreation Area. There are two major components of the project: 1) the construction of a new bathhouse substantially in the location of the existing facility and 2) the construction of a new interpretive walkway along the west and south edges of Marigold Marsh.
The boardwalk was constructed using methods and materials to minimize any impact to the adjacent wetlands and incorporate opportunities to observe and experience the natural habitat of the marsh. The path is universally accessible providing full access to the amenities of Houghton’s Pond. In addition, there are two access points to the beach equipped with portable matting to allow access to the high water level for persons with disabilities.
The size of the new bathhouse is approximately 30% less than the previous building resulting in net decrease in the amount of impermeable surface. The project includes measures to mitigate run off including the use of permeable paving around the bathhouse and to control erosion through the use of natural landscaping and storm water management.

Completion: 2012